Acoustic Guitar User

Just joined the group and just started getting to know the iOS interface. I’m hoping to use this live with an acoustic guitar, and for the most part the app responds well. What doesn’t work quite so well is when I’m playing through Sample Tank. I get the sounds okay, but it’s much more touchy than the GM2 sounds. Are there any other acoustic players out there with suggestions for tweaking other other synths for use with an acoustic?

The velocity response from a synth is not defined by a set rule.
therefore one synths can react much more fiercely as another…
To patch this you can use the noisegate, gain and curve knobs MG’s interface.
First try to lower the gain a bit, when this helps, but the max volume of the synth becomes too low, fiddle the curve knob to compensate for this. Turning the curve to the right will make the gain curve steaper.
If you want to have less reaction on very small signals, you can raise the noisegate.

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