Add tab to the program?

Just a thought, but a built-in tab window, with open tuning and follow options, would be very useful to teachers and authors. Any chance of this?

We’ve allready experimented with recording tabs, but it were early indoor experiments. MIDI Guitar doesn’t track the string played, so it is hard to get good tabs out of it without too much editing.
So it would be a playback only thing, and that is probably not what people want, because tab playback is pretty well covered by other apps.

Yes, as Paul mention, tabs (Auto-Tabbing) is something we had at the top of our list for some time, but require lots of development time, and has sometimes taken much focus away from other things for us.

One cool motivation for this: recording midi/tabs can work in parallel in non-real-time and trade off latency for higher midi quality, while you still have the real-time midi for monitoring. Even without tabs, such deferred tracking would give MG another edge over hardware solutions for any kind of production use. I think we may be able to introduce it gradually - first some lightweight recording (that you can import into a notation app), then music staff notation, and then a full tab editor.

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