Advice needed please

Hi everyone. I want to combine MG2 going into ThumbJam with a Nembrini amp, and be able to balance between the two sounds. I don’t own AUM yet, but I do have AB3 - would routing both MG2/ThumbJam and the Nembrini rig through AB3 be the best approach, or do you have any alternative suggestions?

MG does not came as an AUv3 (yet), so if you are planning to route the MG audio output to other apps, you’d have to use IAA (inter app audio), which is now is offcially deprecated.
the smartest way to route stuf for you now is:
-load the amp and the synth in AB3 or AUM
-run the MG standalone for just getting the virtual midi.
-enable the midi input from MG in AB3 or AUM.
this way all sound is centralised in the AB3 or AUM host.

if Thumbjam and Nembrini both come as AUv3s, you can load them simply in a MG patch. The standard midi CC #7 (volume) will be forwarded to the synth, so you can dial in the synth by remote.

Thank you Paul. My apologies for my late reply, but is there any chance you could provide me with a diagram showing this routing scenario in AB3? I am waiting for a price reduction before I finally pull the trigger on AUM (I know I sound like a cheap skate).