Afrobeat jam with Swamp Alto saxophone driven by JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar 2.
Sax plus guitar plugged into PD Space Guitar for voice doubling and octaving.
Sax is controlled by a TEC breathcontroller


Oh, wow. That was impressive. Thank you for sharing that.

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Nice Jam. It’s SWAM not Swamp Saxophone.

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oh boy! SWAM, not swamp… ok, I have a creative memory :wink:

Well done Paul, some nice phrasing, you made my day, I don’t have the SWAM samples or the TEC yet.

As a drummer I have been experimenting with various rhythms to play over, one is based loosely on a Zulu chant I got from a friend who played with Assagai in the 70’s.

You are proof that it works.


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