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Aftertouch on guitar..How?

normally on keyboards aftertouch is when you press harder on keys, but how do you generate it on guitar and midi guitar 2 ?

The only way I see to send aftertouch while controlling a synth through Midi Guitar 2 is by using a midi pedal that can send continuous midi CC.

If it can be configured to send aftertouch you’re good to go. If not, you need a plugin that can convert the CC data your pedal is sending to aftertouch. Kontakt has that already built in and there are a few midi plugins that can do this.

I found this in the reference:

Adds midi aftertouch (polyphonic pressure) to each note

So it seems that if enabled midi guitar 2 always adds aftertouch message to each note played.

Is it correct ?

Thx a lot

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When the Aftertouch option is enabled in Midi Guitar 2 , the harder you strike a guitar string, the more Aftertouch data you get , and then it gradually fades out. You can check the exact values it sends out with a midi monitoring app such as Midimonitor. This will give you an idea of how Aftertouch behaves with your combination of guitar, interface and MG2 settings.


At first aftertouch seems counter-intuitive when you think of playing a guitar, but if you change your perspective to playing a MIDI instrument, it makes sense, as Bonanote explained.

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Yes thanks to all …now it is clear to me how the aftertouch is generated.


Using a breath controller assigned to aftertouch does the job.

Hi there,

I still don’t get it, I am afraid. When I think of aftertouch, I see these keyboards that you could press deeper after…well having after having pressed a key. That was kind of on/off not with a velocity sesitive curve. Is Aftertouch itself velocity sensitive in general?
And when used in Midi Guitar2, how does the volume envelope generated by my striking the string in aftertouch differ from the normal volume envelope that is sent anyway?

The. Volume/velocity sends just one reading when you strike a note, and that is all. The aftertoubch sends a stream of readings which gradually fade , the difference with a keyboard is that in the case of MG2 this is automatic , with no interaction from your part except for the initial string plucking. Check it with a midi monitor.