Aftertouch to CC

We have implemented aftertouch (you have to enable it, it is left of screen, under bends), but most synths ignore this completely or are tremendously vague about it.

The easiest way to get this going, especially when playing monophonically, is to convert this aftertouch into a CC value. Most synths have mechanisms to bind CC’s to knobs in the interface, and a few cc’s have standard meanings. CC7 is always volume, CC1 is always mod. CC2 is mostly filter cutoff. CC64 is hold (all notes reverberate)
These are the most common CC’s, whether or not your synth supports them, is completely at the will of the synth’s designer.

For MG, CC1(mod), CC2 (breath control/cutoff) and CC7 (volume) are the most valueable.

Aftertouch2CC.lua (2.0 KB)
This midimachine will work only if aftertouch is enabled!
CC - chooses the CC to generate
Method - average takes the average of the sounding notes, peak takes the loudest strings. Subtle difference, mostly not very noticeable.

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PS: for use with the buildin JX10 a specialized script that reacts to aftertouch as well is found here: JX 10 DRIVER V3 (custom gate/gain plus aftertouch to filter or LFO)

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