Almost there with Cakewalk

The topic of Guitar to midi came up today on the Cakewalk forums. A few of us have Guitar synth rigs. I have a Godin with the hex PU and a Roland GR 50- These 2 items cost around $1,500 each when new. And it’s a hassle to set up. I used the GR 50 back in the late 80’s as part of my solo act. It gave more options for soloing, was my Bass and Piano player as well as the worlds most expensive guitar tuner.
Anyhow a few people on the forum mentioned the Jam Guitar and provided a link.
So downloaded the demo and was impressed with the no hassle approach to this. Was up and running shortly.
The stand alone is not working for me as there is about 20 ms of delay. I lowered my buffer to 32 for 128 and it’s a bit better but the yellow CPU warning comes on.

So I fire up Cakewalk and on my own figured out how to put it in an Audio track effect bin. Well there’s workable latency inside cakewalk. Big difference… I had no problem recording a audio track and it synced up pretty good to the backing track. If anything like all guitar synths it is your playing technique that matters.
Then I had no trouble setting a midi track to record the midi output of that track. IT also seems pretty close to in sync.
Anyhow I’m saving up and will be purchasing this as my next toy. Good job folks.


t is an audio effect, it is not a VST instrument. so I don’t think that’s how it is used. If what your after is the sounds of it’s built in instruments I didn’t find anything special in the demo. They are just standard fare sounds and Cakewalk includes lots of better sound. But sometimes people find that perfect sound and just gotta have it. There might be 2 ways to capture the built in sounds…
My guess is what you could do if your interface has a loopback function , or use a short patch cable, is send an audio track out to it, turn the mix knob to just the instrument and record a new audio track of the sound. The second method I’m not sure but if MG2 has midi input then from the Cakewalk VST send midi out to a second instance in a second audio track.

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So here goes. I have gotten this far. Using Midi Guitar 2 I scanned the plug-ins in the standalone version. This must be done as you cannot scan them when it is open as a VST instrument. (edit. this step doesn’t even need to be done becuase this example uses an instance of Midi Guitar 2 running OUTSIDE of Cakewalk).I downloaded a free program called LoopMIDI and installed it. I opened LoopMIDI and made 2 instances. LoopMid makes a virtual loop. With LoopMIDI open I opened Midi Guitar 2 and selected the input of my soundcard and the output LoopMIDI 1. I then opened my Daw (Cakewalk) and inserted a VST Synth. I made the inputLoopMIDI 1. You also need to turn on the input echo on. Because I have a new laptop and am running a Focusrite Scarlett 212 3rd gen, I get the sounds simultaneously monitoring them with the headphone jack in the Scarlett. The only downside is that even when I roll the mix knob in LoopMIDI to the far right, I still get the sound of the clean guitar. That being said, I can record the MIDI in realtime while triggering a VST synth. I had Omnisphere running with no recognizable latency using th Focusrite USB drivers.

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