Almost there with Cakewalk

I am having a problem using the VST with Cakewalk by Bandlab, also Sonar. I can use it fine in stand-alone. When I use it as an FX I can get it to translate the midi to a Soft Synth in another line from a pre-recorded guitar part. I am unable to get it to translate live. I am setting the “vst” dropdown to export midi.

I am exceedingly hopeful that this product is going to be the one that finally works for me. I have a Triple Play which seems to play wrong notes without me even touching them. I have an Aritiphon Instrument 1 which I can’t seem to play a consistent phrase without individual notes standing out or phantom notes playing when I strum.

If I can get this to work I will be making videos and tutorials in praise of your product. I have to say that the demo product was good. I don’t know if I would have bought it if I had seen the vst in demo mode. There does not seem to be a lot of internet exposure to this product. I hope to change that in the future, but I need it to be working.

I found the solution. The “Input Echo” button needs to be set to “on”. Too bad I needed to figure it out for myself.

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Perhaps you can create a series of video tutorial about how the midi guitar VST can be used in Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB).

For example one video can demonstrate inserting the VST as an effect into a track to drive a soft synth to play a per-recorded guitar part.

Another video can demonstrate using the VST to export midi “live” while playing your guitar.

I think there would be great interest in both videos. The Cakewalk by BandLab forum even has a tutorial section to post tutorial announcements.

Sounds good fogle622. Thanks for the reply. I will get to this as soon as we settle affairs with our new puppy.

Enjoy your new puppy. Hopefully it won’t take much to house train. We took all of ours out every hour for the first two or three days. By then they have their favorite locations dialed in! :laughing:

@JerryLan Hi, Jerry! Just curious to know if you were able to get this working in Cakewalk.

I’m trying to decide whether to buy this product, and it comes down to whether I can do specifically what I need to do with it in Cakewalk / Sonar. Basically, I’m trying to do what you described, which is to apply this to a pre-recorded guitar part. I then need to translate that part into a MIDI track with MIDI notes (ie, don’t need it to “drive” another sound live). Is that something you were able to accomplish?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to offer!


Absolutely! That was the first thing I got working. If you have a recorded guitar part it will translate to midi quite accurately. I was pleased with it.
It was a bit annoying that I could not test it using Cakewalk before purchase, but I spent $399 on a Fishman, $69 on an extra USB fob and $350 on an Artiphon Instrument one. I was not able to complete my project with either one of those.
Also even the standalone evaluation version almost angered me to the point of not buying. I am glad that I deemed the price nominal compared to the $1000 I spent on the other crap shoots. Oh, and I bought a $500 iPad just for the Instrument One because it is build for iOS.

@JerryLan, I’m glad you got MIDIGuitar2 to do all the things you want to do in Cakewalk by BandLab I’m looking forward to seeing your videos and following your journey.

Still trying to get the MidiGuitar2 to work properly with Cakewalk by Bandlab. Does anyone have any step by step instructions they would be willing to share. I have made my own which seems to work ok except for still having a lot of latency issues. I am using a Scarlett 2i2 which works well with the stand alone MG2 but not very well when using within Cakewalk. I have attached my instructions if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks.

Cakewalk drag soft synth/virtual instrument (ex Dimension Pro) from instrument list on right to blank track area
1st a soft synth dialogue box will open
check Midi Source, First synth audio output, and Synth Rack View
Cakewalk Add audio track
2nd set Input to mono input (focusrite L)
set Input ECHO = ON
Add MDG2 program to FX bin of this audio track (located under VST2>Jam Origin
might be good to name it MGD2
MGD2 click on MDG2 in FX bin to open MDG2 interface
3rd set Instruments to No Instruments
at top VST dropdown, open and check Enable Midi Output
Cakewalk leave the Midi track with piano key icon alone
Cakewalk on the soft synth/virtual instrument MIDI track make Input MDG2 (omni)
Soft synth/virt instrument click on the instrument you want from the SynthRack view to open that instrument
choose a patch (sound)
Cakewalk to record MIDI only choose Record on the soft synth/instrument MIDI track
to record MIDI and the audio choose Record on both the ss/inst and the MDG2 track
Audio interface in order to not hear the guitar along with the sound from the ss/instrument, set direct monitoring to off with switch on the physical unit
Preferences>driver settings> Buffer size to Fast, best less than 10msec, 3 even better 44.1 sample rate

Jerry, can’t tell you how glad I was to see another Cakewalk user. I haven’t migrated to the BandLab version YET. Using Sonar 3. One big problem is the poor audio signal routing - the signal goes OUT from Cakewalk then into MG2 which then returns the signal back to Cakewalk. This essentially triples the latency.

I’ve had MG2 for a couple of years and haven’t done much. However, I will retire in October and will have more time. As you indicated earlier in the post, I have only had success with MG2 in Cakewalk loading MG2 as an FX vst.

My goals for MG2 are:
play synth sounds from guitar
build custom patches with synth and guitar parts of MG2
use MIDI utilities or a pedal to call up MG2 patches
lastly, use MG2 in Cakewalk

During the next few months I can check this Forum 2 - 3 times a month. BTW, I really your idea of building video tutorials.

Cheers, rick

This is the step-by-step I found. It pretty much agrees with your procedure:

I am able to get MIDI notes to go in, but not with any reasonable accuracy. I put it aside for months due to frustration with it. I don’t think it is the fault of Cakewalk. The idea of doing any videos has gone by the wayside as I do not wish to put out negative information.

I plan to buy a Jamstik Studio Guitar soon to give that a try.

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Well, good luck with the new setup. I would just add that I was able to fix a lot of any latency issues by turning off ALL effects that I had on in effects bins in Cakewalk. It made a huge difference. I also added a piece of foam on top of my strings on the first fret to cut back on repeat notes made when the string was released.


JerryLan and Flucas, glad to see the dialogue for MG2 and Cakewalk. I have several objectives for MG2 usage: live performance with a MIDI controller foot pedal, drive and external hardware synth with MG2, generate MIDI events - more realistic rhythm guitar midi tracks, manage MG2 running independent of Cakewalk using LoopMidi to send/receive midi data. I’m using older Sonar 3 but believe the settings and connections are similar to CbB. I have ProSonus Audio96 as well as a FocusRite Scarlett 4i4 USB interfaces.

I have software for developing tutorials (Camtasia) so would be happy to assist or alternatively be a tester for anything you may develop.

I have one big roadblock - I am currently homeless. Waiting for construction to finish on a home. I’m hoping to be in the home and have gear setup by the end of October. In the meantime, perseverance and patience win the race.

Cheers, rick

How is LoopMIDI working for you? I had noticeable latency when using it. I switched to LoopBe30 (LoopBe1 is the freebie), which didn’t have a latency issue (for me).

I only got to the configuration stage with LoopMIDI. I’m waiting for home to be built and setup a working music space. Thank you for the feedback on LoopBe. If latency is low I’m happy to pay for the more flexible LoopBe30.

I am running Sonar X3 for a DAW but want to have MG2 running outside and independent of the DAW because of latency issues. However, I’m hoping to use LoopBe30 to send CC events to MG2 for patches and to adjust the synth and guitar blend ratio. I did a brief test with MG2 as a DAW plugin and the latency is not good. I recently changed to a FocusRite Scarlett 4i4 for the interface in hopes of decreasing latency. Ultimately, I hope to be use MG2 and my DAW in live performances with MIDI backing tracks and MIDI controlling patches and other features of MIDI sound modules - VST and external Yamaha Motif ES Rack, as well as vocal harmonizers.

What about you?

Any chance you would be willing to post a photo of the foam at the first fret? I get plenty of repeat and ghost notes when I capture midi events from MG2.

Thanks, rick

I don’t have mine set up now, but it’s just a piece of soft foam with velcro to hold it in place. Check out this: someone actually sells the same thing… Gruv Gear FretWraps 3-Pack String Muters, Small, Black

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Don’t spend the $30. Check out this video first.

Thanks for the info. I am using Midi Guitar 2 and followed your instructions. When I get to step

there is no option for anything but my soundcard and the VST instrument. I am using the newest version of Cakewalk. Any clues? I followed every step exactly as you wrote. Thanks

I see that MDG2 shows uo in the synth view folder? I can’t see how to make Midi Guitar 2 a synth instead of an audio FX. Is this what I am missing? HELP!