Android/IOS Live Control App for MG3 Win/Mac

Would an app for Anroid/IOS (Smartphone and Ipad) via Bluetooth Midi to control the screen of MG3 in Windows/Mac be a useful and feasible application? Could perhaps support the player live with patch and sound selection as well as other performance parameters if the computer were further away…

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If you send (for instance) CC14 and CC15 from another device, you can already today control patch up/down. And if you make dedicated Set folders with patches perhaps ordered by prefix numbers, You have great control over choosing patches from whatever distance your bluetooth device successfully transmits data.
Other parameters are equally controllable just as long as you use CCs to set up with, of course. I have tried this with a MusiKraken hand gesture controller myself.

Hello Torleif, you have already made a lot of great videos, which I have watched with great interest. First of all, thank you for that.

However, what I wanted to suggest here was not an app for real-time manipulation while playing (Musikraken is certainly excellent for this), but simply a smartphone app that communicates with the MG3 screen and perhaps also does streaming from and to the Internet, a kind of session app with looper etc. . I was inspired, among other things, by the new app for the Katana:Go, which has such possibilities.

Ok, what kind of information more specifically did you have in mind for this communication?

it’s possible that a screen sharing app will provide what you want.

a control app is very useful with a dedicated piece of hardware like the katana, but not really necessary for something like mg2/3.

here’s a list of remote control apps:

I really like this idea.

The MG3 UI is already super efficient and completely detached from the audio/midi processing. It could easily stream the UI to a “player” app. I guess the bandwidth would be two orders of magnitudes smaller than any remote desktop solution and have no UI latency.

Having the audio/midi on a small PC or Mac Mini with a big hard drive, and then a tablet or iPad for control would be almost as good as having real VSTs on the tablet.

Hi @JamO, once again you quickly found the right words, it expresses what I mean. Thank you.

Many people only have a smartphone as an input option on stage, would it be possible to implement a user interface specially adapted for the smartphone in a user-friendly way?

Here again 2 videos (just as an example to make it easier to understand) the BossToneStudio for the Katana MkII for Win/Mac:
User Video from 1:13:54:

and in comparison the functionally identical implementation of the BossToneStudio for Katana:Go for the app on the smartphone (Android/IOS):
User Video from 9:20: “

(the Katana:GO is a “shrunken” Katana MKII with the same functions)

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