Another shot at the Hex Pickup/Boss GP-10 setup - this time inside Camelot Pro

Revisiting the subject ”MIDI Guitar 2, Hexaphonic pickups and BOSS GP-10, is this the best setup ever?” but now without the Abelton setup. Instead, I have a new shining costume for it, being set up inside Camelot pro. There are thousands of tiny reasons to do this setup in Camelot over Abelton, but the greatest one is how well it works, and how easy it is to set up.


Would it be possible to do the same in GigPerformer 4?

I definitely don’t feel like buying yet another plugin host.:wink:

I don’t know! I haven’t used GP4, but from what I’ve seen it seems there’s very little it won’t let you do. If it allows for handling and routing six channel (or more) audio interfaces it perhaps is more down to if your computer is still compatible with the GP-10 drivers. The functionalities in Camelot in particular (CC filters, retuning possibilities and stuff) are great because of their accessibility, but I wouldn’t be surprised so see that the same things is possible in GP4. I think both @Herold and @Paul use Gig Performer, and might be able to better shed some light on your question perhaps?

I don’t know Camelot or Swam at all but the principle is generally the same regarding midi controller assignments.
In Gig Performer, it is possible to insert a Midi Filter in front of an instrument and map the controller number to another value (or many other things): this is the equivalent of the Midi Transformer in Camelot.

In the example below, controller 64 is mapped to controller 4 as in @LoFiLeiF video.

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Just posting this in case someone is interested. I have no experience as I do not have a hex pickup from Roland. This breakout box could eliminate the GP-10 altogether.

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Boss GP10 driver for Mac M1 is finally there!