Any good iPhone synths?

Can anyone recommend some good iOS instruments for the iPhone? I’m primarily interested in synths and brass instruments. Looking to use this in my live setup. Right now I’m using DRC and Moog Model D synths on iPhone 7 and I’ve been underwhelmed. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable using these in a live setting. I’m reading good things about Zeeon…so may give that a shot. I play in a pop and rock cover band so looking for a good general purpose synth that can handle pop music.

Before I plop down money on more synth plug-ins, does anyone have any recommendations? Must be AUV3 bc being able to change patches on the fly (via foot controller) is essential to me.


Lots of good possibilities out there. I’m an old analog fan from way back (first hardware synth was an ARP Odyssey in 1978) so I’m partial to iSEM, OB-Xd, and a real nice Roland Juno 60 copy, TAL-U-NO-LX. It also sounds like you might like bs16i, a very nice sample player which includes a very good sounding General MIDI sound font. All of these are AUv3.

Try SynthMaster and SynthMaster One, are really great synths, they came with a lot of presets and the best thing atm they are free, so hurry.

Part of my issue was that I didn’t purchase the “guitar rig” component which apparently has much better tracking than the free version. Once I purchased guitar rig the tracking improved noticably with all my AU synths.

I do have Synthmaster One and I agree, it’s awesome. Also really like Zeeon and Mini Moog Model D. Both sound awesome and have a ton of presets.

SynthMaster player is a different synth than SM One, no full editable but with a lot of presets in the free version, also AUv3, worth a try.

Try some of the iFretless products they have a sax and a brass section you might like
iSymphonic also good stuff

Hi, I know it’s a little bit out of the topic, but would you have an idea about Audiokit Synth One not showing in MG2, since it is supposed to be AU ? Thx !

Audiokit Synth One I think is not AUv3.

ok, thx for the answer :slight_smile:

These are all great suggestions. I’d add DRC and Moodunits to the list, including their IAP add-ons.