Any LINUX version for PC or Rasperry in the future?

MG3 for a LINUX-DAW or for Rasperry a small version, would that still be interesting for someone maybe in the future?

it would be neat to build it right into the guitar.

and w11 appears to be just as messy as w10 re: latency, and possibly even worse. so it is time for musicians to move away from microsoft.

mac you say? never owned one. based on the beta testing feedback, it certainly doesn’t appear that they have an advantage.

but, if linux is the future os of music workstations, how could jam o protect itself against the theft of their software? is there a non-invasive thumb key option (ie: not ilok)? if so, that would be my preference.

I have used mg2 for years on Linux, using wine for the standalone and the vst in reaper. Everything works for me.
:crossed_fingers:here’s hoping that record continues with MG3

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