Any plans to add more instruments?

It might just be me, but it seems when I play the sounds from within MG2 directly there is less latency than when I trigger sampletank iOS. Maybe someone else could confirm whether that’s just in my head or if it’s likely actually the case. If in fact that is happening, it would be great if the creators of this amazing software could add more sounds that track as well as the electric and acoustic piano patches that come with MG2. So as the title implies, are there any plans to expand the palette of sounds available on board. I would gladly pay for them as in app purchases.

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we have been looking for more internal sounds, but it would most likely involve a bit of partnering with a synth builder.
It is hard to say whether our internal sounds are really faster, that would mean that the mdii transport time between app would be noticeable, and that is a bit unlikely, but on the other side: we can not rule it out.
It might also be the effect that our internal sounds are very simple synths that have a certain directness to them.
Anyway, your request is noted.

I’ll look forward to it. In the meantime, and I haven’t tried it yet, but I found a setting in sampletank that allows you to choose between low and ultra low for the latency. Maybe that will make a difference. I had been searching the ik multimedia forums to find out if I could keep sampletank working when it’s in the background and learned it’s in the settings. Found the latency setting in there as well. I’m mentioning just in case anyone else has similar questions.