Any possibility of detecting a 7th string?

I realize that currently 7-string guitars are not supported. When I pick the 7th, lowest, string on any of my guitars, the 6th one sounds instead.
Is this by any chance a consideration for the new version of the MIDI Guitar, especially that bass is already supported?

Hi Victor! There is going to be an increased range for detection/conversion in the next version (MG3).
I don’t know the exact boundaries yet, but I would be most surprised if it wouldn’t cover your 7-string once finished!

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I hope that means that I will finally be able to tune my guitar to C-Wahine (CGDGBE)?

Yeah, let’s hope so! I’m not in any position to either promise or predict, so let’s see what the future brings?

Cool, looking forward to MIDI Guitar 3. Judging by the website it is overdue! :slight_smile:

I would love to use my 8 string, the low string is a bass guitar E