Any resources for sharing patches in this forum

Hi just wopndering if there is any patch sharing resource for midi guitar2 like a lot of amp sims have/

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Although MG has very basic host software functionality, the few internal effects and instruments on offer are there mostly as examples to start testing and practicing MIDI guitar playing and do not allow you to create truly original or specific patches, as MG is fundamentally a converter, not an instrument.

MIDI instruments, amp simulators or effect plugins do have a community of users who can exchange presets specific to their tool, which is totally different.

For me, for example, I don’t have anything specific to MG to offer, as it only serves as an audio source/MIDI converter that I use in a DAW or external plugins hosts, and it is in the latter’s forums that I can offer configurations using MG.

On the other hand, those who use MG as a plugin host could share patches: the problem is that mostly using third-party plugins, it forces those who don’t have the same plugins to buy them, which makes it complicated and difficult to implement.

In this sense, it is sensitive to create a place for sharing… But why not?

That makes a lot of sense, I do though like many of the presets that come with MG and I’d be interested to see what people had achieved with the included options.