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Anyone interested in wireless MIDI? Testing MG2 and the WIDI Uhost

For anyone that hasn’t heard of wireless MIDI yet, here you go. I am going over a few simple applications together with the CME WIDI Uhost, which is the USB device part of the CME guys’ universe of wireless MIDI solutions. (You also have WIDI Master, WIDI Bud pro, WIDI Jack, and more NOT featured here.) I am instead looking initially for the degree of ease when it comes to connectivity.

I’ve been using WIDIBUD Pro (on my audio interface’s host MIDI port) and WIDI Uhost.

These MIDI devices all connect simultaneously to the WIDIBUD Pro:
-KMI SoftStep 2 MIDI controller – WIDI Uhost
-Boss EV-1-WL – built-in BT MIDI
-TEC Breath controller – standalone MIDI host device/Yamaha MD-BT01
-LF+JR+ – via M.1 BT MIDI dongle

The WIDIBUD Pro never gets confused and seem to handle bidirectional SYSEX fine too. It also doesn’t mind if you don’t connect all the paired devices or disconnect a device.

They work great since the recent firmware updates – though I had issues upon the initial release. Since the fix ,they are so good that I just ordered a WIDI Master to use with the DIN MIDI ports on the BOSS SY-1000. I’m expecting it will be quite an excellent addition and I can think of other applications where it might come in handy.

I still have the older WIDIBud and it’s OK for a single BT device but it has a few quirks that make it quite annoying to use and I think I’ll now remove it form the main setup. It always tries to pair with any available device, doesn’t always allow “set as main device” and often drops connection.

So, I’m glad the new devices have arrived.

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Great info!
Do you use the WIDI Bud Pro as the ”main host”, and if so, do you use their app for groups? I have a WIDI Master on the way for my EWI (or anything else with the 5-pin DINs), and perhaps I can use a WIDI Bud instead of my Uhost, saving the Uhost for ”better use”?

Yes, WIDIBUD Pro is essentially the main host/central device.

I used the new automatic connection feature (latest firmware)…it’s really useful. You need to use the app to put the WIDIBUD Pro into the automatic pairing mode. Then you just turn on your peripheral BT transmitters one by one and they all register and stay in memory. You could do this with the app before but only with CME devices. Now you can connect any BT MIDI device.

You could definitely find another use for the Uhost and use the WIDIBUD Pro as a central host. I might get another Uhost to use with my breath controller like you did. The size is right…my Primova hub is just a little bulky.

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Hey Luke!
Of course that automatic pairing mode work also for the updated Uhost. It was yet another of those things with the WIDI app settings. (I didn’t see the Group-Auto learn function :flushed: So as soon as I have picked up my ordered additional WIDI stuff I’ll make amends (in a new video I guess) Thanks for pointing out that feature in the BUD (Pro). I am sure I wouldn’t have found this feature until it was far beyond too embarrising to address it again. Now I looked at the CME page where it says " WIDI Uhost vs WIDI Bud Pro What is the difference? Basically WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro are the same products. The main difference is that WIDI Uhost offers an external power option and changeable cable options.", and that got me taking another look at it.
On another note, have you tried using the FTP via this setup? Just as a MIDI Controller, leaving aside their own software, I mean?

Sadly, my FTPs are in storage/retirement thanks to COVID-19 and travel restrictions :expressionless:

I don’t think you could connect the FTP directly to since you require an FTP dongle but the dongle could certainly co-exist on a USB hub, at least on the interface I use.