Anyone using a Steinberg UR 12 Audio interface?

anyone using a Steinberg UR 12 Audio interface?
A friend of mine wants to try MG2 and asked me if the Steinberg UR 12 is ok for MG2.
I’ve had so many problems with the Tascam 2x2 I don’t use it anymore and replaced it with a Presonus Studio 24C which is being repaired at this time.

I don’t want to say the the Steinberg will work ok with MG2 unless someone else can do that.

I do not want too, but I use a Steinberg UR22 (same interface but with midi in/out) and it works perfect with MG2.
Please note that the Steinberg UR series, if used on Windows, does not have a multi-client ASIO driver. That’s why I have acquired a new interface.

Works to me on ipad - UR22C

Once again… I have used a ur22 with windows 10, AVLinux, iPad and other linux distros. No issues with MG2 or the Various operating systems.