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Anyone using MG2 with a looper?

Hi, I’m a newbie here and trying to setup my hardware looping rig with as many sound and instrument options as possible. My setup before MG2 is various instruments (guitars, mandolins, violins) into a few line splitters feeding a Boss gt-1000 then into the Boss RC 500 looper.

My question is how would I integrate the laptop that I have MG2 installed and running on. Do I need to run it through an interface? The GT-1000 has an interface built in, would that work? Should I run the audio out of the laptop into the GT-1000 or straight into the looper?

As you can see, I’m a bit confused by the connections bit and would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, Mandoman, and welcome to the forum.

My go-to setup is pretty simple. I like to throw together tracks on the fly and layer up different instruments on my looper. I haven’t used a daw since before the pandemic. My main guitar is a Gretsch 5230t which plugs into a Mackie Onyx 2+2 producer interface which feeds both raw guitar and midi cc commands from a FCB1010 foot controller into a surface pro 4 laptop in tablet config. The whole rig is attached to a mic stand. Output from the interface is then fed to a JamMan Soloxt looper then out to a 1300 watt PA speaker. All effects, cab sims, synths etc are processed in MG2 and selected with the foot controller. I hope this gives you some ideas.

Regards, Max

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Hi Max,

Thanks for sharing your setup. I hadn’t thought about a foot controller and mic stand setup! Sounds very efficient in terms of having everything at either your feet or finger tips. I’m hoping that the gt-1000 will work as both the USB interface and controller for MG2. So I can setup patches that take the usb output (MG2) from the laptop, control MG2 via midi with the gt-1000 and send all of that to the RC-500 looper.

I’m with you on avoiding the daw as much as possible. I’m a web developer so I’m on a computer all day. The last thing I want to do is play music through one when it’s time to get creative. That’s exactly why I’m experimenting with the looper. True, if I’m using MG2 it’s going to need a laptop or iPad to work but that’s somehow different than sitting in front of a computer with a mouse and keyboard, my creativity gets sapped pretty quickly on a PC!

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your setup and I’m looking forward to exploring all of the possibilities on offer with this incredible program.