Anyone using this live?

I’ve spent the last month researching MIDI guitar gear and just got the Tripleplay 2 days ago. Nowhere in my searches did I ever hear of this amazing software until about 2 hours ago. I immediately purchased it and have been playing around with it and SampleTank 4 ever since. I was planning on using the TP live as our keyboard player quit but MIDI Guitar 2 so far seems leaps and bounds ahead of TP or anything hex/piezo. Am I missing something? Is a shoe going to drop lol, or is this really that good and sadly people just don’t know about it?

Anywho I was curious if anyone is using it live and what their experiences with it are? I have an M1 Macbook and Focusrite Solo and was planning on using an AB/Y box to split/combine the Synth stuff with my normal guitar and amp rig.

Look forward to your thoughts/comments. Thank you!




Hello Allan, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

I started playing live from 2017 with only MG for guitar sound/MIDI instruments/looper, sent directly into the FOH.

I now compose and play alone to accompany literary readings, the arrangements and orchestration require more plugins to interpret cinematic type music. So I use MG integrated in a plugins host (Gig Performer) to have more connection possibilities (virtual amps and pedals, midi instruments, fx , audio and midi players…).

One single laptop + some footswiches and expression pedals and that’s it! It doesn’t weigh much and doesn’t take up space.

The mastery of the MG playing technique requires a lot of practice and interpretation to make a midi instrument sound like something other than a guitar, but the result is amazing and rewarding, it opens new perspectives for the creation and playing of the instrument.

Do you know this video? It’s a good example of MG’s capabilities in live music.


Thank you for the reply! Yes that is the video that caught my attention and led to me purchasing the software! When Carl Palmer thinks it’s good enough for his band to use, that’s more than good enough for me!

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Yes - it’s really that good. I’ve been on a 20+ year quest for a midi guitar solution - I’ve tried most of them… M2G is amazing. I’ve stopped looking. I feel like the tech has arrived.


Good for you too. Get the fastest known match for your your interface.

I am currently using Presonus 24C for the live box along with the HP Elite notebook.

Very happy so far . Don’t worry . MG2 is already good enough.

You already know.


I’ve used hardware for a long time, and now I’m more than happy with MG2 for live use. I use an M1 too with it and an RME Babyface Pro FS, and it rocks, as they say.


Thank you all for the replies. I had another question. For those of you that use a normal guitar amp simultaneously, what are you using for AB/Y? I bought a cheap one at Guitar Center just to get me through band practice yesterday but it introduced a lot of noise into my guitar amp. I’m sure one with a ground lift would resolve that but I see there are so many out there. Active, passive etc. My concern would be anything that would have a negative effect on my signal going into my audio interface for MG2. I see a lot of folks recommend Radial Engineering for switching between or using 2 amps simultaneously, which is basically what I’m doing except one is a Focusright.

Thanks in advance!

I just tried an A/B box with my laptop and an amp: no problem with background noise (it’s a Boss AB-2 bought second hand for 15€).

The problem may be either your general power supply, your computer power supply or the A/B box. Buying another A/B box will not change anything and using the ground lift is only a palliative that does not solve the problem but bypasses it and should only be used if you are sure that the grounding of all your devices and equipment is correctly done.

Have you tested it on 2 amps? This may help to identify the cause of the problem.

Hi thank you for the reply. It’s consistent with both amps I’ve tried. Agree that the ground lift is not the ideal solution, but it comes in handy because many times I’m not in control of the power sources depending on the venue