App still behaves like the demo version despite purchase [SOLVED]

[edit, problem solved, don’t follow this advice, but get the latest update on App Store in case you have problems]

We have attempted to address this and a new version 2.6.11 is avaiable at Apples TestFlight.

If anyone with this problem can please try it out:

(just follow Apples instructions, should take max. 2 minutes)

Also, if you havent made any custom patches in MIDI Guitar, please try to delete all MIDI Guitar data before installing, by going to home/settings/General/iP… Storage/MIDI Guitar/Delete App

We still cant reproduce the issue on any of our devices, so its with fingers crossed here…

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I will try to test this out

Still failing with beta ver. 2.6.11 App store shows that Midi Guitar 2 is available for my purchase in beta ver. same with purchased ver.??? Does not say “purchased”.
Edit: V: 2.6.11 Failed on fresh install on iPad mini 2 iOS 12.4.5 This iPad had never had any other version of MG installed. I had nothing hooked up to the iPad. Fails repeatedly just sitting there. This is the beta, why is it trying to get me to purchase?

Burgeyed, this sounds like a different issue, or misunderstanding. MG is a free app so the app will show up as purchased (even though its free) but the In App purchase will show up in MG’s “shop”. If you actually bought the in app purchases they will come up as “purchased”. If they don’t come up as “purchased” in MGs internal shop, your are not logged in with an Apple ID that actually purchased them.

I purchased the MIDI Guitar Rig & it failed as reported. I am now using the beta 2.6.11 & on my iPhone SE I get the In-App Purchase interrupt. The only thing connected to the iPhone is my iRig 2 in the headphone jack. First fail is after about 5 min, then about every minute after that. I am signed into the only Apple account that I have.

Ok, and that’s without using the yellow “midi output” module and without loading external audio units?

In this case, please run the beta version linked a posts above. This should make sure that the information about which IAPs you purchased are saved on your device. After running that beta, the official app store version should work.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Same issue here. I’ve purchased Midi Guitar for IOS but it still behaves like demo: the ‘purchase’ screen pops up intermittently.

I downloaded Testflight and the beta Midi Guitar. Unfortunately, the ‘purchase’ screen still popped up. This time it asked for my apple id and password also, and subsequently showed that I hadn’t yet purchased the app at all.

The issue reported in this thread has been solved for all known occurrences. Last week we also finally were able to reproduce it here and the latest updates that are on App Store fixes the issue: Once you go to the “Shop” (inside MIDI Guitar), all purchases will automatically be restored and the pop up will not come up. It was very difficult for us to track down because the problem could only happen in a very specific situation, in the very first run after a fresh installation of MIDI Guitar. No need to run the Beta or anything else. Sorry for any inconvenience we have caused to those who were affected.

Angus22, your issue is different and I suspect its just about your Apple ID / sign-in.
Its not surprising that it will not restore your purchases if it ask about your Apple ID and you are not signed in. You need to make sure that the Apple ID you use is the Apple ID that actually purchase the in-app-purchases.

Please check your purchases:
iPad Home => Settings => [press your name at the top] => iTunes & App Store => [click your Apple ID at the top] => View Apple ID => Purchase History

Here you find the In-App-Purchases that was made using the currently signed in Apple ID. Mind that MIDI Guitar (as a free app) comes up as $0 purchase, but you need to locate the In-App-Purchases for MIDI Guitar.

If its all good and you are signed in with the Apple ID, make sure you are online and just visit the “Shop” inside MIDI Guitar - the purchases will automatically restore.

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