Apple Silicon and MG 2.2.1

I am in the 14 days of return policy of a base model Mac Mini M1.
I have installed the trial version (I am a legit user but I will use my license only if the Mac Mini stays) and I have found with good surprise that it works both as a standalone and as an AU Plugin with Ableton Live 11.1 on macOS Monterey last patch.
I have noticed the AU Compatibility Host Service that I guess ‘translates’ Intel AU into working with Apple Silicon Native DAW.
So 8GB RAM and 256GB are more than enough to sustain my workflow. I am impressed.
I have created a 10 tracks Project with :

  1. Drum Rack
  2. Bass Guitar
  3. Guitar Chords
  4. Guitar Riff
  5. Lead Guitar (with Jam Origin Deep Expressor)
  6. Zebra AU (pad like played via Jam Origin)
  7. Zebra AU (Arpeggio like played via Jam Origin)
  8. Upright Piano (played via Jam Origin, part of Sampled Instruments in Live Suite)
  9. Additional Guitar
  10. Zebra AU (Brass payed via Jam Origin)

Then I have duplicated tracks and at 80 tracks (x8!) it plays great. 90 tracks (x9!) is the tipping point and 100 is the white flag… the Mac Mini surrenders under the load at 128 buffer frames settings.
Just wanted to share. While we wait for the MG3…