Apple Silicon Version State of the Art


I’d like to know when a MG2 Apple Silicon compatible (no Rosetta 2) will be available. As an evolving user I am still awaiting for my DAW (Ableton Live) to get there but good to know to keep an eye on all I need to port to Apple Silicon.


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Yes, after some confusion in our plans we just went back to this M1/Apple Silicon version.

In order to not delay the next product launch too much, you will get a “MIDI Guitar Essentials” minimal plugin for Logic/etc. I expect developments are complete in 10-15 days.

Im still unsure whether we can put this AUv3 plugin on the Mac Store and Apple will accept we sold this around them and can apply the license - or this will make them reject it. In the latter case we will have to publish it ourselves, rather than on Mac Store.

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Thanks for reply.
It’s not clear to me if MIDI Guitar Essentials will be a stripped down version of the current plugin I use with Intel Mac today (10.14 macOS), in that case what’s missing?
I also use the MG2 standalone version, from your answer I get that is still in the making right?

It looks like the M1 move wasn’t fair for the Music Software industry. My feeling is that we’ll have to wait at least end of the year to see something solid