Assigning CC1 to Guitar Volume knob?

Newbie here. I’m writing orchestral stuff in my DAW and need access to cc1 (aka the mod wheel) for dynamics. I don’t see information on how to assign this anywhere? How can I include cc1 into my tracking with guitar?

midi expression pedal

Connect any kind of external MIDI controller set to CC1, and choose it in the INTERFACE/MIDI INTERFACE/CONTROL slot. Or if you just want to check that the CC1 assignment works, open the MIDI Machine “AFTERTOUCH2CC” in the MIDI FX slot and set it to 1. You’ll get a copy of the aftertouch curve to use. It has its limitations, of course. It is what it is, but it works fine for testing. :+1:

If I’m correctly understanding you, I would need something like an expression pedal and put it as the input on MIDI Guitar interface? Will the interface automatically detect an expression pedal?

Yes! You just connect any Expression control device to you computer and you will see it in the INTERFACE/MIDI INTERFACE/CONTROL slot list! Just choose it from there.

Wait, will this work in the DAW though?

On standalone, I can assign my MIDI keyboard, no problem.

In DAW, those options are different. The input channel is “omni” with 16 channels. But my MIDI devices don’t show up in DAW

When I work In a DAW, I usually use MG2 as a plugin on a dedicated audio track. Additional software instruments on new MIDI/software tracks and another audio track for straight audio recording. Any mixing levels and assignments I do I the DAW itself! No need for the MG2 mix button there, when you do it like that. If there are any specific instruments or effects you want from MG2, you can of course use the first audio track for those!