AU Host or AUv3 Strings and Pads recommendations

I’ve a bunch of AU plugins. So should I get this AUM thingy or are there other hosting opfions for IOS. Otherwise any AUv3 recommendations

Poppy, if I’m understanding your question correctly, along with a couple of your other posts, then you might find this helpful:

I have been using the Audiobus app on iOS and it’s been simply amazing for me, especially with the reasonably trivial add-on purchase of MIDI control. I’m no professional or expert, just a molecular-level nerd, but FWIW I find myself using several key apps in conjunction with Audiobus.

MIDI Guitar 2 in plugin mode gives me its MIDI Out to send to virtual instruments; primarily, for me those are IK’s SampleTank and Syntronik apps, but of course there are tons of virtual instruments out there. (And if you’re just looking for simple pad sounds, the free versions of the IK apps certainly have a few you can try out before you invest.)

I also run amp sim apps for the guitar sound; for me those are usually from IK or Positive Grid, but again lots of options out there. Of interest to this particular forum: at option I can configure the mix of the virtual instrument and guitar sound entirely within MG2 if I want to, but Audiobus gives me more control options, so I tend to run MG2 entirely in MIDI Out mode and let Audiobus do the rest. (Now…with what’s promised in MG3, if I’m reading the room right, may change that calculus at least in part–I’m excited to see how it turns out in practice!–but be aware that this is one of the reasons I find Audiobus so powerful.)

After virtual instruments and guitar sounds, I love using IK’s Mixbox app for rack effects on both. As a plugin it’s pretty simple to configure a rack for each of the two channels, and Audiobus makes MIDI control of the rack easy. Of course there are plenty of standalone plugins you can use instead but I really like having everything available in Mixbox.

And finally I have to offer a plug for the live looper app, QuantiLoop. For me, QuantiLoop on its own makes iOS worth the effort, over desktop. It’s a four-track looper with pretty amazing capability, including the one most important to me: loop overdub decay for soundscaping. (And it actually can act as a lightweight plugin host itself, if you don’t need or want Audiobus for its larger orchestrating abilities.) Anyway, for me, almost all my Audiobus “scene”-style presets wind up sending their outputs to QuantiLoop at the end of the chain.

So–Audiobus acts as the host/orchestrator to bring together MG2+virtual instruments+effects as one chain, guitar+amp+effects as another chain, and then mixes all of this down to QuantiLoop’s four available inputs. And I wire all of this to my floor- and table-based MIDI controllers for more control than I have limbs and digits than I can use at once. Usually it’s something simple like program changes, switching, sustain/freeze, and looper rec-dub-play with footswitches, expression with a footpedal, and then tabletop controls for subtler things like loop selection and overdub decay in QuantiLoop, mix levels and bypass for arbitrary things, etc.

It’s powerful, if you want it to be, and even for a simple setup like adding swelled pad samples to acoustic guitar, you can preconfigure everything and then call it up fast.

Anyway, whether or not you use it the way I do, hopefully you find this helpful. :slight_smile:

Thank ypu for all that info. I’'ll check those out.