Audacity to capture MidiGuitar on laptop?

Anyone managed to lay down MidiGuitar effects onto an Audacity track? My setup is simple = guitar through Focusrite Scarlett Solo into laptop/MidiGuitar. I want to capture the output in Audacity.

I tried to do a search in this forum for the word Audacity but nothing of value showed up.

Thanks in advance!

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You’re going to need something like Voicemeeter (base, Banana or Potato).

You would then route the audio output from MidiGuitar to Voicemeeter, and then in Audacity, you would set the audio input to Voicemeeter.

They’re free to try, and donationware if you keep using it. FWIW, I donated $20.

Note that Voicemeeter is Windows-only. There’s a different solution for the Mac, but the idea is similar.

Hello OldRelic, are you on mac or windows ?

  • Capturing MG2 output - Topic for Windows users.

solution 1 with no installation

Go to Windows Audio Manager Control Panel / sound / recording tab / select Realtek HD audio Stereo Mix
In Audacity, select input Realtek HD audio Stereo Mix

solution 2 with VbCable

Go to download
Unzip, install, then configure options for latency and sampling rate
Go to your Asio panel / select your sound card as input / select
VB-Audio Virtual Cable as output
In Audacity: select VB-Audio Virtual Cable as input and your soundcard as output

solution 3 with VSTWR2 plugin in MG2

Go to
download file
unzip, drag vstwr2.dll in your MG2 plugins folder
load it in MG2 in any section you prefer (guitar, instrument or master fx)
click on show, choose name and location for wav recording / start recording
Then you can load your recorded wav files in Audacity

solution 4 with any DAW

The best solution, as it records your untreated guitar, plus MG2 guitar fx added in fx track and midi data in another track.
By so doing, you can record again or modify only your raw guitar, or you can change MG2 guitar setting parameters or midi instrument data without having to record from scratch.
Go to and follow the instructions

These apps can be downloaded free of charge; please consider donating if you can afford it.

Hi Herold
Sorry for late reply, I’m in a different time zone. I’m on Windows.