Audio Device Selector Question

Plugged into a Tonewood Amp, The Audio Device reads In/Out… when I touch to change…the screen pops up with Input Device: IOS Audio; Output Device: IOS Audio; Input Channel: Iphone Microphone; Output Channel: Headphone Ledt / Headphones Right, then a sample rate 44100 and Buffer Size 250. When I touch Input Device, it goes to a screen saying IOS Audio. But when I go back to the main screen, it still says Audio Device In/Out. I get no response from Sample Tank. What am I doing wrong?

It seems the Tonewood Amp is an iOS audio interface that connects via the iOS device’s headphone/mic jack, correct?

Sampletank for iOS is an IAA app so you’ll need to route the MIDI to it for there to be any note generation. Have you done that?