Audio interface not showing up

Hi , recently installed midi guitar 2 . On the interface page, the audio interface isnt listed
(behringer um2, using asio 4 all driver). All that is listed is the asio4all driver. When I select this, nothing happens, and I get no output . Im pretty sure I had the trial working a while ago on the same interface and computer before. Any ideas?

Hello Stephen, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

This is normal, device indicates the owner of the driver: asio4all in your case.

But it is not normal to receive no signal in MG2.

  • First of all, when you play, do you see the Midi Velocity window react as below?

MG-midi velocity

  • If not, have you configured Asio4all correctly?
    As in the next picture, you need to select the USB CODEC input and for the output what you are listening to (my output is a Fostex headphone amp).
    Deselect everything else.
    Set the asio buffer size to 256 to start.


  • In MG2, Audio Interface/Latency, set the buffer size to 256 and ESPECIALLY the sample rate to the same value as in Asio4all / USB CODEC Input (44.1 or 48).

  • At this point, you should see the signal react in the Midi Velocity window, which means that everything is working properly… But maybe not quite yet :wink: