Audio MIDI Setup not recognizing MIDI Guitar 2 Trial

I have not been able to get MIDI Guitar to show up when scanning in Audio MIDI Setup in MacOS. I can add it as an “external device” but it shows it as “not connected”. I am using a Focusrite Solo interface. GM2 is converting audio - sounds great as test piano. Any suggestions on how to get Audio MIDI Set up to see it? (MacBook Pro Sonoma 14.5)

audio permissions blocking mg on your mac may be your problem.

also please give us the os version.

I don’t understand the issue precisely. Does macOS’ Audio MIDI Setup have some feature for scanning and, if it does, scanning for what? What do you expect to see in Audio MID Setup that you are not seeing?

To my knowledge, Audio MIDI Setup is an environment to identify Audio and MIDI devices (typically hardware but also some virtual audio devices) that are connected to your Mac. Not applications.

MG2 and MG3 do not expose their virtual ports in this environment. But they are visible within your DAW or other software.