Audio Modeling SWAM Soprano sax

Good afternoon everyone, I used Audio Modeling SWAM Soprano sax in Midi Guitar 2, when playing the guitar SWAM identifies the change of notes, but the sound only comes out of the clean guitar, without the effects of SWAM, SWAM only works with cables MIDI?, is it possible to use it with a P10 cable in the audio interface and use the SWAM effects?

Hi @Adriano_Costa
1)How are you set up? Are you using a computer or an iPad or phone? Guitar straight into the audio interface and into the computer/iPad/iPone?
2)What kind of audio interface are you using?
3) Are you opening the soprano sax inside MIDI Guitar software, or are you using these side by side?
4) What are you using for expression control (breathcontroller, Expressionpedal, Aftertouch, or something else?)

As I understand it you are hearing only your guitar, and not the SWAM soprano when you play, but you see that the soprano receives some MIDI (notes). It could be a number of things here, so if you answer the questions above, believe we are in a better position to find out what is wrong here.

Hello, 1) I’m using an electric guitar connected to the audio interface, the audio interface connected to the PC via USB;
2) I use the audio interface: PreSonus AudioBox USB 96;
3) I’m opening SWAM Sax Soprano inside Midi Guitar 2;
4) I don’t use any expression controls;

I use other software like Analog Lab V and open it inside midi guitar 2, I use it without any expression control, it works very well, I really liked the effects of SWAM, finding a way to use it.
Thank you for your feedback, congratulations for the explanatory videos on YouTube about the Midi Guitar 2!

The swam instruments only work with an expression controller (midi). When you open the swam instrument you will see ‘All audio resources loaded. Move the expression controller to start’. Fortunately my interface (Axe I/O) allows me to plug an expression pedal in and it outputs as midi. I don’t know if there are midi expression pedals available but the swam instruments won’t work without it. I just bought a cheap ‘nektar’ expression pedal and it works fine with the Axe I/O.
You need to find a way of translating the pedal signal into midi. I don’t know if there are converter boxes available. Some keyboards have an expression pedal input. The Axe I/O interface does the job but they start at $300. You would also have to buy a pedal.
If you can get hold of a pedal and a midi converter, you need to open the ‘interface’ panel on MG2, and select the midi controller in the ‘midi interface / control’ panel.

There are also breath controllers which you can set up to affect other parameters as well as expression.

Even if you play the swam instruments with a keyboard you still need a separate expression controller. I sometimes play the instruments on keyboard but still have to have the pedal connected via the axe I/O.

So, I think one way or another, you will need to spend some money to get the sax working. A really nice instrument to play once you get everything set up…

You can find here excellent analog-to-midi boxes: Audiofront
From one single up to 4 inputs, you can use analog footswitch or expression pedal.

I use a MIDI Expression iO: 4 inputs to connect 2 dual footswitches + 2 expression pedals + MIDI In/Out DIN ports.
It has also a 9V connector for standalone operation if needed.

Hi @Adriano_Costa Adriano!

As suggested already, I think the issue here is with the absence of any expression control. SWAM instruments need SOMETHING for expression control. But fear not. Even if you don’t have a expression pedal or breathcontroller at home, you can still use your SWAM instruments. It won’t respond in exactly the same way, but here is what you do:

In MIDI Guitar, use these three settings (Bends = 2, Legato=Disabled Afterouch = Enabled

And in your SWAM instrument you click MIDI

Then click Mapping Table

Then click here

Now Click where it says CC until it says After touch

You should also go in and change Pitch (from the Main window) to 2 for both up and down, to have it follow your bends ok.

I did a video on this a few years ago, perhaps it is to some help here?

For some more details on SWAM woodwinds and MIDI guitar, you can have a look at this video;

“You can find here excellent analog-to-midi boxes: Audiofront

Those converter boxes look like the go…
Once you have played Swam with an expression controller you wouldn’t want to play without one…

If you are using this method to record into a DAW, you can always manually add expression automation to the track later… a bit more time-consuming but the result would be almost the same.

Hello, LoFiLeiF, I did the test in SWAM as instructed in the prints and videos, it worked perfectly, without using any expression control, just connected to the electric guitar, when I have a musical composition recorded using the effects in the MG2, I post it here, in Waiting for MG3 to be released, I want to be a contributor to beta test MG3, how do I do that? thank you very much for your help and feedback, your videos are very well explanatory and produced, good music to everyone on the Forum!

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Hi, and thanks a lot Adriano! :pray:
The way to be sure to get notice of when the MG3 software is out for beta testing is to sign up to the mailing list at the very bottom of this page :point_down:

Hello, thanks for the report.