Audio Outputs on USB Interfaces

I use Midiguitar 2 virtual out through a Quad Cortex as my interface using the USB out to an iPad. I can only hear the synths I am accessing through outputs 1&2 on my interface. I want to use outputs 3&4 on my interface and have tried as many routing possibilities as I can can think of but do not get the synth sounds through 3&4 but only with 1&2. Any solutions?

Thanks, JRM

Only channels 1&2 for now. We have it on the todo list.
One option is to use something like AUM and load MG as a plugin in there.

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Thank you for your reply.
Looking forward to Midi Guitar 3

Do you have any specifics for loading midi guitar 2 in AUM? Just want to be sure this will work for me.
Thanks, much appreciated.