Audio to Midi

Cubase user here. Is there a way to send the midi that MG2 receives to a midi track.

Hi Bryce, and welcome here.
Any MIDI that MG2 receives, like any expression controller, program change messages, and the likes of those, Cubase will also receive. There is no need (usually) to try to funnel these through MG2 onto a MIDI track, as they are part of the input to this MIDI channel anyway. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting this? Please tell us what your setup looks like and what you are trying to achieve, and I am sure the Forum community will be able to help you out. What we need to know is: Are you using the plugin version of MG2 in Cubase, or are you working with the standalone setups side beside? Mac or PC? What kind of MIDI message are you talking about?