Audio Unit V3 for iOS 12 u

Hi, I’ve been using Midi guitar for some time now, recently I’ve downloaded Something called AudioUnit Hosting, a part of midi guitar 2.5 download. It says load AudioUnit V3 synths and effects from AppStore directly into midi guitar patches. However there’s no explanation or demo anywhere explaining how to use it. The description seems a little too less to understand. Can someone please explain or make a video on YouTube to explain how this works ? Thanks You.

-download a AUv3 compatible fx or synth from the appstore.
-go to “plugins” in MG, there you can scan for new plugins.
-after the scan is completed you will see your new plugin in the list.
-now you can use the fx/plugin inside the patches.

A nice free AUv3 plugin synth is “Primer”, just search for it in the appstore.

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