Audiobus 3 and MG


New user here, I’m incredibly happy with MG. Amazing work guys!

I wish I could use it along with Audiobus so I could use the sound in LoopyHD, however MG doesn’t seem to be compatible?

It seems to be loading fine in auria pro, GarageBand and Cubasis.

Am I missing something?


MG does not have a AU (Audio Unit) version (yet), and IAA is rapidly becoming obsolete. (there is IAA support in official release of MG iOS still).
Currently the only way to use MG with AB, is to enable midi output from the standalone MG.

Thank you Paul, that’s how I was using it.

I love all the sounds I can get directly from MG, it would be great to have the possibility to open it up in Audiobus, perhaps in the future?

From what I have read I could use it in AUM? I don’t have the app but I would surely buy it only for MG…seriously the MG is beyond my expectations, incredible work!


It works very nicely with AUM. I’ve been using AUM for a few years live and it’s well worth having.

Thanks mate! I guess it’s time to purchase AUM:)