AUV3 version - expected charge?

I finally have amassed enough app store credit to spend the $30 needed to get the MIDI Output going. Yay for me. Now I see that AUV3 is being tested, which is really an awesome option. Will there be an additional IAP I need to purchase, like the AudioUnit hosting or a new IAP to enable this feature?

Just trying to decide whether I want to spend my hard earned shekels on this awesome software, only to have to spend more that takes me forever to earn.

I think we will just let the AUv3 plugin under the AU hosting IAP.
Thank you for your support.

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That makes a lot of sense. Time to start saving my shekels for the additional $10 IAP then. Thanks for the quick reply.

It’s brilliant. Thanks very much for doing this, plunked down my $30 and it works inside AUM really well so far.

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