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AUv3 window resizing for better visibility?

I just purchased the AUv3 version of MG2 for iOS. As with the IAA version, there is a large chunk of unused space below the app controls. I’m wondering whether the AUv3 version could take advantage of that unused space by enlarging and restacking the modules to make them easier to see? Most other AUv3 apps will reconfigure the shape of their modules depending on the size and shape of the window. I know you have other plans for new things coming that will go into that black space at the bottom of the screen, but maybe that space could be used to increase visibility for those who will not be adding the new modules you have coming out (and who wear tri-focals)?

Did you see the “plugins” section? - you can set the aspect ratio (and hence the size) of each external AUv3 and it should fit the bottom part.

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At this point, only a few special AUv3’s have midi-out, a new ability added by Apple