Background processing

Hi, I understand that there is no way to turn off background processing on the iOS version. So in other words, if running another app that accepts midi, the preset for MG2 always comes through even when MG is in the background and you’re using another app like Quantiloop.

What I do as a workaround is to load a blank patch in MG whenever I want to use another app. I select “direct” as a guitar effect in MG and this allows the audio to pass thru. The only issue is that this creates a slight delay with my guitar tone due to latency.

My question - is there a better workaround other than what I’m doing? I would really like to get rid of the latency. If I deselect “direct” in MG then no audio comes through

I’m not sure why you need clean guitar throughput when you are not using MG.
Most audiointerfaces have a direct monitoring knob, which routes through your direct guitar sound when needed.