Baritone guitar and tracking

Hello there thats Manuel from Spain.
I wanted to know whats the lowest note that the program will track, I use a baritone guitar as my main instrument and is tuned to Open B, that means that my 6 string is a B. Will the software track that note? Or is there any kind of trick to do it? For example I wanted to trigger a orchestra with all that low stuff (cellos, basses etcc…) and I do not know if it will work. For what I have seen in the demo the lowest note is D isnt it?


yes, D is the lowest note.

Hi Paul,
I just started using MIDI guitar and have read a few posts about 7+ string / baritone guitar tracking. I just wanted to add my comment to express interest in getting the program to recognize notes in these extended range guitars. Hopefully this is something we can see in a future update.

Hi guys,

I wish also to have baritone guitar to be directly supported by MG2 or MG3, Paul is that a question of technology, CPU power increase?

In mean time potential workaround is to use quality pitch shifter such as Pitch Fork in order to get baritone to MG recognized range and in MIDI notes handle transpose.
If that would work, it might be trick also for extension of MG range Paul?

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Pitchshifting brings latency: you might not notice it when using it as a pitchshifter, but in front of MG the total result latency will be most likely not enjoyable.
But there is no harm in experimenting with it ofcourse.
Lower tones have their own problems, it is not a matter of CPU, it is just very difficult.