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Baritone guitar and tracking


Hello there thats Manuel from Spain.
I wanted to know whats the lowest note that the program will track, I use a baritone guitar as my main instrument and is tuned to Open B, that means that my 6 string is a B. Will the software track that note? Or is there any kind of trick to do it? For example I wanted to trigger a orchestra with all that low stuff (cellos, basses etcc…) and I do not know if it will work. For what I have seen in the demo the lowest note is D isnt it?



yes, D is the lowest note.


Hi Paul,
I just started using MIDI guitar and have read a few posts about 7+ string / baritone guitar tracking. I just wanted to add my comment to express interest in getting the program to recognize notes in these extended range guitars. Hopefully this is something we can see in a future update.