Bass Brand or pickup suggestion

Hello can you recommend brands, basses, pickups, etc for midi bass 4 strings?

I went to a music store. I was able to bring my laptop and audio interface. I was able to connect 3 different basses and without specific tweking or set UP i noticed some basses responded better than others.

All of them were tuned. So my guess is some of them probably are more a curate, better, have better quality. I dont know.

I will buy an electric bass (try to buy a good option price range quality)

I am looking for any sugestions from you.

I was thinking gerring a talman bass TMB100 from ibanez

Thanx in advance

We have no real extensive info on that: your own survey may have given you some valueable clues.
Our algorhythms generally like bright sounds, so if the bass can produce a bright sound it will most likely work well, and you can allways trim the treble if needed.

Great if i find any thing else i let you know. Great forum

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hello Paul, thanx in advance, I am looking for help, kind of frustrated here, is there any in depth tutorial using midi bass?

I have a ibanez tmb30 bass i already studied the help sectioin where describing each part of the software, selected pick ups in the bass with the brightest sounds, i followed your instructions in this forum saying start with the knobs tone and curve at 9 oclock and start raising them, leaving the the noise gate for later, i already downloaded and installed the custom gate script for accuracy and I am still having issues of triggering notes randomly, ghost notes. etc.

I know is a great piece of software and there must be a sweet spot to work as close as possible , i understand it will be hard to get perfection but maybe you can help me with extra info around?

i will love hearing back from you or any help regarding this.

thank you very much.

I really can not give precise advice here: it all depends on a) how you play b) what you expect from it c) converter limitations. And these are mutually influenceing one another…
The path most walked is to “go full synth”, this means you forget about your bass and maybe even about your favourite licks and bass parts. You just dial in a synth tone you like, and only listen to the synth, not to your bass sound.
Then you create new lines using that new sound.
Going that way you will adapt factors A (how you play) and B (what you expect) to C ( what the converter can do)
Apart from this: open strings ringing is allways bad for conversion.

A fellow MG2/MB user (the one who got me to buy in) said it simply:

Practice to the patch

Hi Pinzas, I use all of my basses with MG2 on iOS. Some things that may help.
On your bass, turn the bridge pickup and tone all the way up and turn the neck pickup all the way down. (I think you’ve already done this) The neck pickup is a P Bass type and is wired half out of phase. This is normal, but that can confuse things.
Make sure you’ve got a good setup on your bass. If you have a high action or the bridge pickup is far from the strings, you will have trouble getting the best tracking.
Check that the bridge, bridge saddles, and neck screws are tight. You’d be amazed at how many basses I’ve repaired with loose hardware. You don’t have to crush the screws, but they should be firmly tightened.
Make sure the intonation is set properly. Again, this can cause tracking issues as the notes from your bass will not be consistently in tune. This is part of a good setup.
Use good strings! Some strings just will not intonate correctly. Some will have strange resonances in addition to the fundamental note. I’ve found lighter gauge strings give me better tracking. I prefer light gauge strings anyway, but experiments with heavier gauge strings proved this correct.
A string mute, like those from Gruv Gear can be useful.
And as been said, practice to the patch.
I hope some of this helps. Good luck!

Paul, The Maartian Jkdahlman tahnx for the reply.
sorry for my english in writting and undersanding is not my native language.

In addition I use focusrite scarlet solo 3rd generation as input, windows 7, ableton 10.
i use it as mentioned, fully wet or just listening to synth sound, i have tried sylenth and serum both 3rd party synths as midi.

Paul what is converter limitations?
Can the input signal can as well affect final results
The Maartian can u expalin practice to the patch please?
Jkdahlman when u say u use MG2 with basses you mean Midi Bass, right?
Can u recommend strings? i am using the ones that came with the ibanez I live en Mexico.

thanx in advance i will do it as mentioned to additional commetns

Practice to the patch

This means to load the desired patch (preset) into the synth or other VI (virtual instrument) that you want to use, and practice playing your bass at different tempos with different bass lines. This will help you learn what sounds good with that combination.

For example, you may want to trigger pad sounds with your bass. Many pads have a lot of sustain, so if you play too fast, it won’t sound right or good.

Did this explanation help? Or make things worse? :upside_down_face:

:crazy_face: :sunglasses: perfectlry undertood, thanx

As far as I know the Bass Mg is NOT polyphonic.

Look it up or ask Paul