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Bass Brand or pickup suggestion

Hello can you recommend brands, basses, pickups, etc for midi bass 4 strings?

I went to a music store. I was able to bring my laptop and audio interface. I was able to connect 3 different basses and without specific tweking or set UP i noticed some basses responded better than others.

All of them were tuned. So my guess is some of them probably are more a curate, better, have better quality. I dont know.

I will buy an electric bass (try to buy a good option price range quality)

I am looking for any sugestions from you.

I was thinking gerring a talman bass TMB100 from ibanez

Thanx in advance

We have no real extensive info on that: your own survey may have given you some valueable clues.
Our algorhythms generally like bright sounds, so if the bass can produce a bright sound it will most likely work well, and you can allways trim the treble if needed.

Great if i find any thing else i let you know. Great forum

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