Bass for acoustic guitar

What’s the best way to set up midi gtr to generate some nice bass notes to support my acoustic guitar bass notes?

There are different approaches for that. Many VST’s have the option to set a range of notes that are played if you just want lower notes (e.g. E2 to A2 or D3) as supplement bass notes.
MG2/3 have MIDI machines you can use filters just to let notes you specify through. Most DAW’s have MIDI input filters you could use at he input of the VST.
You can rise the volume of the first 2 strings with MIDI machines…
Many ways > the best is you check it out yourself and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for and what sounds best for your purposes.

if your guitar has a pickup you should be fine. if not, i’ve read that others have used mg with mic’d acoustics but i believe it will be more challenging.

proper input volume is probably more important with acoustics. plug it in and play, sample some of the existing presets to get a feel for things and check that you have proper operation.

it may be that one of the presets will serve your needs, if so you just need to filter out notes above your desired range for the bass.

or specify if you’re looking for acoustic type basses or electric or synth. nice, but kind of naughty? there’s a vst for that. someone will pop in with a recommendation.

lastly, don’t forget to run your guitar thru deep effexor without any of the synth stuff on.