Been trying to finish the process for License recovery but the Contact form page seems to be broken

Hi there,
First of all, I love MIDI Guitar and since I have been using in my production pipeline, i have recommended it to everyone I know, helping them setup it up in their studio and make sure they get the same Wow reaction I always get when using it.

Having said that, I have purchased the software but I have lost my license since: the license file was on my old mac and i have changed systems several times since then, i have been using the demo as a workaround…

Anyway, i tried Contact – Jam Origin form but it does not submit anything. I tried it in late November, and just now, the server is up and the demo still works fine, just wanted to activate it to get rid of the popping warning from the demo using my purchased license (i need to retrieve my file manually because i have changed systems…)

The error I get when submitting that form on JamOrigins website is something like “try contacting the administrator or some other method of communication “

If I can submit the form via email, i could explain my issue in more detail and provide further information necessary to solve the issue.

Thank you for the kind words and your support!

Im unable to understand the problem with the contact form - it certainly works for others. It might be a browser or cookie problem of some kind. Next time, you might try a private/incogito browser tab to make sure its clean.

Please PM me with your email that you used to purchase it and ill reactivate your link.