Behringer Guitar Link doesnt work for input?

Hi all,

please help me to setup the audio interface for my Behringer Guitar Link USD input… i already installed ASIO4ALL V2 but still doesnt work…

what to do? please help

When your Behringer Guitar Link USB has phones output, it should be possible to configzre the ASIO for it. Use the top button in our interface section to open the ASIO4all config. Make sure to select the proper device channels.

would you guide me step by step for doing that… i’m sorry that i cant clearly understand what you mean… thanks

  1. select asio4all in our interfacesection as interface
  2. open asio4all settings with the button above this
  3. set asio4all tu use you behringer for in an output
  4. close the asio4all window
  5. choose the proper in and output channels

thanks for step by step guide… but when i clicked ASIO4ALL in Audio Interface>Device… it was just blinked a second ( i notified the icon has active only seconds) then disapeared… and still the Audio Interface>Device is blank… what happened here Paul?

I don’t know really, please try a restart of MG. in extreme situations you could try a computer restart.

wow incredible u almost make my day Paul… now the Audio Interface input was fine… but why still the output (MIDI interface) NONE? what to setup in here Paul?

you don’t need the external midi output mostly, please try firstto get aquainted with the app: instruments are built in.

ok Paul… it working now… u really made my day… thanks

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