Bend (Range 48)

Hi Guys! I have been coming across a few setups lately where I might benefit from having a Bend (Range 48) option in MG2. I am thinking of Roli studio player, Equator (Roli) and the SWAM instruments in particular! It is not like it isn’t solvable otherwise, but the question is: is it too much work to integrate such an option to be interesting?

Hi LoFiLeiF,

First, thanks for all the cool videos you make!

Its no problem to add 48 or any other range into next update. I wasn’t aware of so big ranges being used, but makes sense: On the top of my head, I believe the pitch wheel has around 8000 resolution, with a range of 48 notes up and down its 8000/96 = 80 pr semitone. Almost a cent resolution.

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Great! I think it would help with future proofing MG2 somewhat with regards to new MPE synths coming out as well! Thanks as always for having made available this magnificent piece of software!