Benefits of using AUM

Curious about AUM. What new capabilites will AUM give me when using with MG2? I understand it’s described as a “mixer” for iOS devices but before I plop down $20 just wondering what I can actually do with it. My typical use case is to use MG in my live rig to play synth sounds using a soft synth like Zeeon or Synthmaster One. So would AUM allow me to combine synth sounds of multiple AU plug-ins? Does AUM have the ability to save presets LIKE MG2? Thanks in advance!

AUM allows you to do whatever you can dream up. I can’t imagine using iOS for music without it (or a similar environment like Audiobus 3 or ApeMatrix). Buy immediately and never look back!

That said, iOS 14.5.1 has completely screwed core audio so until Apple rectifies this major issue, all sonic adventures are postponed or can occur only via macOS/Windows.

Thanks for the response.

Did I read correctly that MG presets do not load correctly when used with AUM? Asking bc I would use this primarily for live use. Having to recreate an MG preset over and over again would be counter productive.


You simply re-save each preset as an AUM preset. Can’t see it being too labor-intensive unless you have hundreds of presets.

Understood. Thanks for the clarification!!

AUM is absolutely essential. It simply IS iOS music. It makes an entire ecosystem of music apps available to you to build up complex arrangements or even just complex signal chains. It’s midi- learn, multi-bus compatible, so you can split the signal up to separate channels, and control effects on each via midi. Record channels in high res audio and as a final mix just in AUM, or to a DAW. Save all the settings for an entire session in AUM. Import multiple channels into other sessions. Anything you can imagine, AUM can do. Just buy it.

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I took the plunge and bought it. Glad I did, looks like an incredibly powerful app.

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Great! I think you will find it incredibly liberating to your workflow. There are some useful tutorials on YouTube to help you get started, one by ‘Gavinski’, who has great tutorials on just about everything iOS music app-related: The other YouTube guy who is really great for learning how to do stuff is Jakob Haq: Have fun!