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Best guitar and pickup choice?

Hi there, I’m fairly new to midi guitar and was curious what guitar and pickup choices worked best? I’ll explore this on my own, but was looking for some opinions. Thanks!

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There’s no best guitar or pickup generally speaking, as a general rule triggering midi from a guitar, the closest to the bridge of the instrument the better the tracking, but this is no necessarilly true because I have achieved good tracking with neck and bridge pickups and with both hambuckers and single coil pickups. Hoever it is a must on hardware systems such as Roland GRs or Multiacs for a good tracking.

As a beta tester of MIDI GUITAR software I remember that devevelopers included a feature that allowed the user to select from HB and SC pickups among some other choices but that was in version 1,x. I think Ole and his team solved or, properly speaking, overcame this factor.