Best VST instruments in 2020 that play nice well with MG2

Thinking about buying some new virtual instruments, specifically guitar like shreddage and or heavy7guitars? Does anybody have any review of these? I tried a few of the demos. A lot of this stuff is expensive, so trying to be smart. Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Camel Crusher Vst is great with MG and it’s freeware. Lots of range and two types of distortion that can be used simultaneously time plus a resonance control for cabinet sounds as well as a compressor. It doesn’t look fancy but it works as well as anything else I’ve used expensive or not.

I don’t remember if I got it from the link below but it does work fine with no problems.

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The opensource Surge synthesizer is free and a real treat. Stable, great sounds, great mapping possibilities, 2 layers, great FX (vocoder included!)

thanks Paul, you are right great sounds! I couldnt get the vocoder to work , but haven’t got into it extensivley.

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the vocoder works with the audio inputs which are likely reachable via sidechain in DAW’s. It will combine the sidechain input with the synth sound.

It doesn’t get better than this :wink:

By Thorleif Markula

I have watched your video a few times and also follow you on instagram. Are you going to do a follow up video sometime in 2020? I just downloaded Guitar Fury, all 43 gigs of it. So far I love it.

thank you so much! Camel crusher is awesome. Its exactly the stuff I love, simple and clean.

If you are referring to the above “best of 2019” video, the answer is yes (of course)! Included for sure will be some of those Ample sounds instruments I’ve come to depend upon. And most likely I’ll be featuring what’s good from the latest version of Reason. But I am always on the lookout for inspiration, so please let me know if Guitar Fury work well. I’ve become kind of suspicious toward midi guitar libraries/instruments over time, since they most often really hasn’t delivered. So I would be really happy to hear of a working candidate!