Best way to play 12 string acoustic guitar samples using MIDI Guitar?

I have wav samples for a 12 string acoustic and need help in how best to play those samples in MIDI Guitar? Thanks for any help.

Hello Dave, welcome to the MG community.
You must use a sample player plugin.
To install it into MG: open the “PLUGINS” section, click on “SCAN ONE FILE”, go and select your plugin.
Then, in the main page, select it in “INSTRUMENT”. Now you can use it.

I would love to add a sampler program to MG.
Let me know if there are any free or relatively inexpensive samper programs that will work in MG.
I have tons of fun wave files.

I’m on Windows.
I use only one sampler: Shortcircuit. I’ve been using it for years and it’s enough for me.
It’s a very old plugin, the interface is austere and old-fashioned but it doesn’t matter because I give priority to efficiency, simplicity and lightness.
Disadvantage: 32bit and discontinued - no support.
Advantage: it is free
You can download it here

But I suggest you have a look for more recent and multi-platform samplers here
The best way to get the idea is to try those that seem to meet your needs.