Beta Version Number

Is it possible to check which version of the plugin is currently installed on a machine? I can see this information in standalone mode but not while running it as a plugin in a DAW like Ableton Live.

Open the standalone version and look above the SELECT PATCH window.

Thank you!
But I was asking about the plugin version.

They go together. When you install a new version, both should be updated to that same version. So look at the standalone for the version.

For what it’s worth, in Logic Pro you can see the plug-in version number in the Plug-in Manager.

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Another way: In the MG plugin, click the settings button (top left) and open LOG - version number is in one of the first lines of the log.

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I’m running 3.0.37 - very nice so far!

I’m not clear on how to update the subsequent beta versions.
I found the email with the link for installing the MG app, but I’m not clear on the process for updating to
3.0.41. Thanks!

Never mind - I see if you download and install it again, it updates the version.
You have to close, and reopen MG3, and it will show the update.