Bluetooth Speaker Out/Lightning In?

Hi, I’m using MG2 on my iPhone 7/IOS14.6 with SampleTank.

Input/Output is via iRig 2 and a lightning connector (works fine for input and output).

However, for a minimal, lightweight setup (not wanting to use my usual amp) I want to send the output to my UE BOOM Bluetooth speaker.

The problem is, when the lightning cable is connected, the Bluetooth speaker is ignored with the Output going via the Lightning adapter.

When I go into Control Panel, to select Bluetooth (from the choice of Bluetooth and Headphones) I select the Bluetooth speaker BUT MG2 now shows the Bluetooth speaker as it’s input source BUT doesn’t offer any options at all for Output.

Any ideas?

Kind regards, Mike.

better use the line in from your UE boom. Bleutooth is not good for live playing because of the added latency.


Thanks Paul, and for the quick reply. I did try that it for some reason it wasn’t anything like loud enough; also it keeps the setup simpler.

I’m just thinking about living room situations, so I don’t need the guitar’s sound and the pads I’d be using benefit from less attack anyway…

It’s funny, I tried an older Bluetooth speaker (wired) and it’s volume was fine, maybe I should try it via Bluetooth too if I can solve the riddle of how to get Bluetooth out from MG2 without sacrificing iRig 2 in.