Blurring the line between Acoustic and MIDI - Acoustic virtual instruments in MG3

Since there are a lot of people out there still convinced you have to go to Roland to get a decent Acoustic sound, I felt I wanted to present something to compare with. I have set up with MG3 in GigPerformer here, which was a pleasant experience I must say.

Love to hear of other acoustic guitars, or instruments in general, that we all should know about.

I have a few favorites:
MG Soft Nylon,
MG soft Acoustic,
Straight Ahead Samples JB-145
Orange Tree Boutique Acoustic
Xperimenta Preparato Guitar

but of course there are a lot more. Let go for the ones we KNOW to be good?


Thanks for that inspiring video! Fantastic sound combinations, very well done!

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Thank you, Thorleif. Great to see so many instruments in action :slight_smile:

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