Boss ES8 for MG2 patch changes

Anyone have any luck using a Boss ES 8 switch to enable patch changes?

Hi Dan
I don’t have the particular unit myself, but it seem pretty straightforward. I don’t know if it connects to the computer with USB or DIN 5 MIDI, but you should of course, connect it first, and then choose it from the INTERFACE/CONTROLLER list first.MIDI Guitar 2 want PC (program change) values from 0, 1, 2… and up for its patches. If you set your ES8 to send PC massages 0, 1, 2… (as in the video below) and then use 001, 002, 003…and so on, before the Patch name in MIDI Guitar 2 they should work together.

But this is of course only how it should work. Do you have it yourself, or are you thinking or getting it?

In thinking through the idea of using the ES8 as a midi controller I realized that the saphire audio interface that Im using has no midi input.
Any recommendations on an inexpensive interface that I works with MG2 that has a Midi port?

You shouldn’t need a dedicated MIDI Input port on your audio interface. Does it not connect to your computer via USB? If it doesn’t, and you just need a MIDI IN (DIN 5) there are some cheap MIDI interfaces.

Before considering a change of audio interface that will have a minimal cost when including midi ports (don’t expect to find a very cheap one without facing problems), maybe using a simple MIDI-to-USB cable can suffice?

Example: midimate-ex costs about 25€ and it has a good reputation.

In any case, just as with an audio interface, look for user feedback first before buying a product that is attractive on price but could be disastrous in use.

Thank you in advance for helping me think through this. So the sapphire audio interface plugs into my dell computer by usb. The Dell computer is running the standalone MG2 app. I have my ES8 plugging into the audio ins and outs of the sapphire audio interface, and the interface acts just like any guitar pedal and it works great, munus patch change functionality.
Are you suggesting that the usb/midi cable that you showed me may work between my Dell and the ES-8 and would communicate between the ES8 and MG2 for patch change info?

Ok, so I downloaded the manual, and is seems NOT to be any USB connectivity for this unit. If you want to connect to a computer, you are going to have to use a DIN 5 MIDI cable AND something like the MIDI (USB) interface that @Herold suggested.

Well, the midimate-ex cable is a USB MIDI interface that has to be connected from ES-8 midi ports to a usb port on the computer and that is all.
Then, midimate-ex should appear in Midi guitar/Midi Interface/Control field as available controller, whatever the connected device (es-8 in this case).
But there is certainly a setting to be made also in the ES-8 for the management of the data midi, as on any controller.

I suggest he use a 5 Pin DIN cable to connect the ES8 to the USB MIDI interface, and from there he use a USB to the computer. Where do we not agree? :thinking:

sorry, there was confusion in what I first wrote and then changed in my message which I have just edited.
I hope we will understand each other in the end :rofl:
Here is this famous midi-to-usb interface:

Haha, I need to learn to refresh before I answer! Désolé :pray:

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No, no, me first

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I did like @LoFiLeiF and looked at some of the documentation on the Boss website, I found this extract:
“As an example, you can send program changes or control changes to select patches on multiple connected MIDI devices at once”.
Midi Guitar is a midi device therefore you can control it.

ES-8 seems to be quite a complex device, I think you should read carefully the manual to understand how it works and how it fits into a midi environment.

In addition you can connect many expression pedals and footswitches to the ES-8 which can give you much more control in Midi Guitar than just changing the patch.
For more info, check out this post: MIDI Guitar 2 and expression pedals

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Well months have gone by and in my incredibly overwhelmed life when I can, I try to get this ES8 /MG2 to work together to no avail. I bought the cable you suggested.
Bottom line is I would happily pay someone to help me work through this, so I can simply get the ES8 to send program changes to MG2.

I have successfully set up the ES8 to send patch changes to my various midi foot pedals. Works great, easy to set up, but I can’t get it to talk to the MG2. I’m wondering if either of you would be willing to have a video session so I can show you what I’m trying to do and maybe you’ll have suggestions. Again, happy to pay ( venmo) because this is getting ridiculous! I’m not rich, but getting a bit desperate. What do you guys think? Thanks for considering.